…an honest and delicately navigated novel... Gardner writes with raw insight… a beautiful journey that is both heartbreaking and hopeful.” ~Booklist review of All Right Here

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All Right Here - AVAILABLE NOW!

The Darlings are a warm, loud, slightly boundary-challenged family of 4 adult sisters and a brother. The first in a 3-part series, All Right Here is about Ivy Darling and her husband Nick Mason, a couple with a crumbling marriage, who struggle with infertility. When the 3 kids next door are abandoned by their mother, Ivy & Nick unwittingly become foster parents to the only black children in the town of Copper Cove, Maine. Even as Ivy grows more attached to the kids, Nick refuses to accept their unorthodox household as a permanent family. With their relationship spiraling down fast, Ivy has to decide whether or not she still cares enough to try to save her marriage. A book about faith, family and most of all, forgiveness.



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Better All The Time - Coming April 2015!

The second novel of the Darling series. Sephy Darling is great at taking care of everyone but herself. She's learned to be comfortable in her role as "the fat Darling sister." But when a friend's happiness causes her take another look at her life, Sephy decides it's time to change in a big way. Unfortunately, transforming the outside turns out to involve more inward metamorphosis--and courage--than she ever bargained for.

There's no doubt that when it comes to launching Copper Cove's new Community Arts Program, Amy Darling is the woman for the job. She may be young, but she has the creativity, drive and vision get it done, and get it done right. Unfortunately, the contractor who's renovating the Arts Center won't cooperate with her at all. Amy may be forced to confront the idea that "perfect" and "successful" are not necessarily the same things. Meanwhile, is she so intent on success that she could miss out on the happiness that's right in front of her?


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