Bats in the Bedroom

3:00 a.m. and I have a bat in my bedroom. An hour ago, I woke up to gusts of cool breeze around my head, and thought foggily, I don't remember leaving the window open. There's always that instant where you really know what the truth is, but you don't want to confess it to yourself, so I lay there awhile longer, trying to pretend that it really wasn’t a bat careening around inside my bedroom; that I really had left a window open, and that the night had just turned windy. Then the bat crashed into a wall, and I had no choice but to turn on the light and face the facts.

 Bats in the Bedroom

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Is Paleo The New Black?

Here’s a true confession: I watch TED talks for fun. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. They’re live mini-lectures by experts in any field you can imagine: psychology; neurochemistry; sexuality; marine life; pickpocketing. I watch while I’m cooking or dusting the living room, or putting on my makeup for work in the morning. So while everyone on Facebook is talking about the World Cup, or my coworkers are discussing The Bachelor, I’m usually mulling over what Malcolm Gladwell has to say on the subject of how spaghetti sauce changed American marketing.

I find them on YouTube. And lately, what’s been popping up in my “suggested videos” sidebar have been TED talks about diet. There’s one about how eating Paleo will change your health and your body forever. The one right below it is called “Debunking the Paleo Diet.”

I'm tired of hearing about Paleo. It's everywhere. You might say it’s the new black. And if it’s not Paleo, it’s Vegetarian. Or it’s Vegan, Dairy-Free, Soy-Free, Gluten-Free and Egg-Free. Clearly, what we eat and why we eat it is a topic that fascinates Americans. It’s one of the luxuries of wealth, this ability to be picky about what we consume. I’m pretty sure that Paleo vs. Vegetarian is never discussed with any interest in Third World countries. Paleo is The New Black

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