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About Me

I write from the big small town of Portland, Maine, where I’m the mom of 3 teenagers and 2 dogs I wish I didn’t own. (Only the dogs, not the teenagers.) The most interesting thing I’ve ever done is to live for a few years in Russia, studying the language and doing humanitarian work. I wish I remembered more Russian than I do.

Like most writers, I grew up with a book always in my hand. The heroines who most informed me were smart, creative, independent thinkers like Anne Shirley, Laura Ingalls, Nancy Drew, and Cherry Ames. Nancy taught me that being a girl detective might just be the coolest career ever, but Cherry taught me that nursing was more practical. I compromised by becoming a nurse and marrying a sleuth.

Nearly every flat surface in my home has books on it. The stories I love the most are those about the ordinary lives of ordinary people because I think every life is a fascinating drama. Isn’t each one of us the hero of our own story? I’d love for you to drop me a line and tell me yours!

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